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When I was a boy I could hear symphonies in sea shells...

so why am I so deaf at 23?

Ryan McPunky
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Akbartastic [x]
southtown crew [x]
526 forever [x]
smile stuck in head like pop song [double check]

and on that note:

This album is dedicated to all the people who give everything they have.... their whole hearts.... to what they believe in. Your efforts inspire us. Never underestimate the power of doing something loving for someone. Your actions speak louder than words. You may never know how something you did.... a word of encouragement... a half hour spent helping someone you barely know.... changed a person's life forever.- Pezz (from the linear notes to With Everything we Got)

People who believe in a better way of life know the way we live now is criminal. Denial of freedoms, death by starvation and exploitation, denigration of people’s capabilities everywhere. If one sees that these outcomes are socially produced, then they understand that every person who dies as a result was effectively MURDERED. Once someone accepts the possibility of attaining a humanist alternative, you'd have to be a terrible hypocrite, coward or cynic to live passively with the contrast between what is and what could be.

Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth, like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you --
Ye are many, they are few!
***robots***, **made out of**, *lions*, 526, 526 house, 526-core, against me!, akbar, akbartastic, alkaline trio, amy, anti-bush, anti-flag, anti-war, being pretty, being smarter than you, bigerific, bill hicks, bonnets, bright eyes, butterflies, butterfly-core, care bears, circle pits, code red, concert reviews, concerts, conor oberst, corvallis, cuddle-core, cursive, curtsy, curtsy-core, cynical humanism, david cross, dead kennedys, dead kennedys-core, drugs, emo, emo butterflies, emo-core, enlightenment, fifteen, g.w.l.t.c., girls, going to shows, green party, growing up, guineapig, guineapig-core, heart, hearts and stars, hoodies, hugicalness, human rights, humanism, i love amy, i wish for peace, idealism, intoxication, jeff ott, jello biafra, jello biafra-core, jumping up and down, love, love-core, lovey dovey, lovity-core, matt skiba, mcp, mcpunkyism, me, medealy brand instant walrus, miscellaneous, mountain dew, mountain dew-core, mung, music, nature, not me, not you, oregon state, p.w.l.t.c., peace, philosophy, political science, pretty fingernails, pretty things, princess, princess-core, propaghandi, punk, punk night, punk-core, punked, punked-core, punking, punking-core, punkity, punkity-core, punkly, punkly-core, punks, punks-core, punky, punky-core, purple, purple stuff, purple-core, rainbow, rainbow-core, rainbowed, rainbowed-core, rainbowing, rainbowing-core, rainbowity, rainbowity-core, rainbowly, rainbowly-core, rainbows, rainbows-core, rainbowy, rainbowy-core, ralph nader, rice, rockin' out, selling out, shows, sinners and saints, tea parties, the beer store, tiaras, twirling, twirls, veggies, voltron, warm fuzzies, warmer fuzzies, xminorthreatx, you, you!, yu-gi-oh!