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i had a dream...

that someone stole my rilo kiley record and replaced it with the new artic monkeys record (wich I don't even own)

other records were either melted or missing but I don't remember the details... something about Joy Divison and VHS or Beta and the upcoming Morriesy record and something weird like that.

We are Scientist were on Carson Daly and then I saw an article where they talked about the Lonely Island guys.

Still they are your new favorite band... they are too damn good.

We wrote a hipster song last night... it honestly was as good as a bad Franz Ferdinad song with out the second guitar and our drummer needs to learn how to play the style but fuck honestly I think if we kept playing it we would have a moderate level of sucess out side of Corvallis... but it's not our style it was only a joke and I think a chance for Chad to show how good he is at writing music.

ummm wow I have nothing more to say..

oh just to be more hipster my girlfreind has been texting me Futurhead lyrics but I hate them and she knows I do so I wonder if she is taunting me.

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