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My girlfreind loves me....   
09:02pm 13/06/2007
  Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us I have a lot on my mind but I look back to that picture of the after party after my girlfreind saw my band play for the first time and think of happier days  
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08:00pm 28/02/2007

I have like a million newish/newer pictures of me and my band and my mullet.  Yes I have a mullet.  Why I don't know, I also wear a suit jacket wherever I go and dress up whenever I can.  Three piece suit and a mullet, plus I don't really drink anymore except red wine and yeah I drink like 10 cups of herbal teas a day.  I ooooooooze class.

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wow long time no Ryan!   
06:26pm 28/02/2007
mood: awesometastic
I'm still alive, just rarely if ever have time to use the computer.  Now my band is working on our live demo to be followed in 4 weeks by our studio demo.  I'm working on the album art with some good freinds and using the computer more and more.  Usually I am posting now and then on my Myspace fan page that was made for me by this really awesome girl and probably will continue to do so more frequently as I continue to try to expand our fan base.

So if you are curious what I'm up to and want to stay in touch you can check out the myspace page.


I miss a lot of you cats!
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oh yeah...   
01:32pm 19/03/2006
mood: fistonthetable
and now that joey owns the Union, formerly AJ's, it made for great Saint Paddy's times.

only sad part... I left before the big fight and because of them being too drunk they looked pretty bad the next day....

I was mostly sober so I should've been there to have there back but fuck who would've thought Ray and Jesse would've ever lost a fight...

go figure.

great Saint Patricks day though.... absolutely great!
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a little tip   
01:28pm 19/03/2006
mood: certainromancesofsorts
when/if in tokoyo at night DO NOT DRIVE.... visual noise plus billion pedestrians plus weird signs equals bad trouble.

so in review.... do not drive in tokoyo at night or you will be sorry
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01:37pm 06/03/2006
mood: honkhonk

here I sit... still not driving to Canada.

I dunno why, when I'm up there I love it, but I'm glued to the house doing everything to avoid going.

grrrrrrrrr... I need to start driving soon.

I hate it, I really am going to miss Corvallis....

maybe I don't want to go, maybe I wanna stay... I was looking forward to this trip all month now I'm feeling weird.

If I die in a plane crash or car crash or whatever remember that I really didn't want to go on this trip.

maybe I'm just sad because I will miss my brother and girlfreind and my freinds are on tour in Cali... maybe. Or maybe I'm just chickenshit.

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01:11pm 06/03/2006
mood: thelonelyisland
oh yeah and i litterally fell down laughing at the lonely islands new SNL thing with natile portman doing the rap thing.

god can it get anymore funny.

though it almost copies a line from an akbar song.
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11:45am 06/03/2006
mood: acertianration
gone for two weeks

all over

oh canada, our home and native land...

well for a days it will be my home

and then on to bigger and better things.

only sad part is the ballard kids are gone because they are hanging with rocky on tour but it is cool, I talked to them Friday backstage.

it was fun

i did want to hang with them in ballard though because ehhhhh you know.

my girlfreind needs to eat her vegatables.
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greatest thing ever....   
02:42pm 04/03/2006
mood: shadowplay
for joy division fans...

a great video project, awesomely designed, great interpretation...


it's for the song shadowplay, it is done in the style of the unknown pleasures album cover based on a live performance.
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i had a dream...   
06:38pm 26/02/2006
mood: panic!
that someone stole my rilo kiley record and replaced it with the new artic monkeys record (wich I don't even own)

other records were either melted or missing but I don't remember the details... something about Joy Divison and VHS or Beta and the upcoming Morriesy record and something weird like that.

We are Scientist were on Carson Daly and then I saw an article where they talked about the Lonely Island guys.

Still they are your new favorite band... they are too damn good.

We wrote a hipster song last night... it honestly was as good as a bad Franz Ferdinad song with out the second guitar and our drummer needs to learn how to play the style but fuck honestly I think if we kept playing it we would have a moderate level of sucess out side of Corvallis... but it's not our style it was only a joke and I think a chance for Chad to show how good he is at writing music.

ummm wow I have nothing more to say..

oh just to be more hipster my girlfreind has been texting me Futurhead lyrics but I hate them and she knows I do so I wonder if she is taunting me.

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